Miami Chiropractor Reviews

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After VAX-D treatments I’m a new man.

Chronic, severe low back pain radiating down legs. Had back pain for 20 years. Two herniated discs with degeneration. Previous treatment: Chiropractic, and physical therapy.

- Jeff P.


VAX-D gave me my life back.

Chronic low back pain and pain radiating, down left leg. Herniated discs and severely degenerated discs. Previous treatment: Acupuncture, physical therapy, chymopapain injections, laminectomy (spinal surgery). Another Doctor recommended steel rods in spine.

-       Eric T.


I’m totally symptom free.

Lower back pain and pain down left leg. Pain progressively worsened over five years.  Herniated L-4/5 disc with degeneration. Previous treatment: Pain medication, Physical therapy, chiropractic, epidural injections.

-       Bob M.


I do more now than I have done for years.

Low back pain, pain down left leg. Had back pain for years, hurt really bad two years ago. Herniated   L-5/S1 disc with degeneration. Previous treatment: Pain medication, chiropractic, physical therapy. Surgeon said surgery was the only option

-       Jackie E.


I’m back to normal, it’s amazing.

Sharp low back pain and shooting pain down left leg. Injured at work lifting a 44 pound case. Protruding L-4/5 disc. Previous treatment: Pain medication, 10 weeks of bed rest, physical therapy.

-       Dimitri Z.